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10 Most Common Mistakes During a SARMs Cycle

With SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) on the rise, more and more people are eager to get their hands on them in pursuit of a better-looking physique and enhanced athletic performance.

However, due to their constant marketing exposure from unreliable sources (mainly in social media) who wrongly make claims such as “SARMs are safe”, “They have no side effects”, etc., paired with a general lack of the necessary knowledge to safely structure a cycle, grave errors are made by countless morons which I constantly see being repeated. In this article, I will list and go through those I deem most common (and dangerous), hoping that some of you will leave this page a bit more educated regarding the infamous research chemicals than before you visited it.

1. Not Doing Actual Research

SARMs are “not meant for human consumption”. However, people won’t refrain from using them by reading one overused sentence. And an irrationally large number of those people won’t do their fucking homework prior to ingesting whatever their favorite “influencer” or random Reddit thread told them to, either. If you’re gonna do it, at least do it properly.

To learn more about SARMs, how to properly structure a cycle, what ancillaries to take, etc. while keeping the side effects to a minimum, I strongly urge you to get the SARM Handbook by ENHANCEDINFO. I generally avoid recommending things like the plague so when I do you know it’s good shit. So, instead of spending $10 on drinks with some Tinder hoe who responds to other guys while you go take a piss, spend it on an investment that will upgrade your knowledge for a lifetime.


2. Not Choosing Reliable Sources

For every legitimate vendor there are 100 shady ones that—for all you know—sell prohormones or low-quality products that may not only fail to bring you the promised results, but can also be extremely detrimental to your health. ALWAYS make sure you’re picking a trustworthy vendor that has a large sum of positive reviews and provides recent lab reports on their products.

One such vendor is Camo Chem, who possesses some of (if not the) best SARMs on the market in terms of purity. There are both European and Global warehouses available to buy from, so your location on this planet shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, you’re getting a sweet 20% discount if you follow my links or if you use the code “WELIFT20” during checkout.

I will not go into detail as to why using shitty products—let alone fucking research chemicals—can fuck up your health as using your common sense should do a much better job at this than words on a blogpost.

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3. Not Using Ancillaries

I cannot stress the importance of this mistake and the severity of its consequences enough.

Like I said earlier, due to misleading marketing, SARMs have somewhat gained the reputation of being “risk- and side-effect-free”, which couldn’t be further from the truth. This perception is mostly prevalent among the younger audiences of bottom-tier “fitness influencers” who, for the most part, just wanna make affiliate sales money by taking advantage of their gullible audience.

Thus, many of them completely forego using ancillaries, only to find themselves wondering why they feel like they’ll get a heart attack while walking up the stairs, why their kidneys hurt like hell or why they’re dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts and erectile dysfunction further down the line.

Before deciding to use a certain compound you must always have complete insight of what the possible side effects are and what ancillaries you must deploy in order to mitigate and keep them under control.

With some of the more famous SARMs you may not even “feel” your health declining, but I assure you that the damage will eventually catch up to you unless you’re smart about managing and preventing it.

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4. Stacking SARMs with a Similar Mechanism of Action

This is single-handedly the most common mistake I see guys repeating. Some people assume that if they use more compounds they will get better results, but when those compounds work through a similar mechanism of action, they end up antagonizing each other, meaning they will not only NOT give you better return-on-investment, but also drastically increase the side-effect profile and health damage inflicted by your cycle.

Always stick to one compound and if you’re planning to stack something along with it, make sure it has a different mechanism of action. Don’t be stupid and impatient.

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5. Not Using a Testosterone Base

It baffles me that so many people still don’t know what a “test base” is, but I digress.

For those who are unaware, a test base is a compound that can be converted into estrogen within your body. Contrary to popular belief, estrogen is necessary for men in order to maintain both their psychological and physiological wellbeing.

Most of the “suppression” symptoms actually occur because of a drop in estrogen levels, especially the psychological ones and NOT directly because of the drop in testosterone. While some individuals can get away without using a test base with milder SARMs like Ostarine, it’s still wise to have a test base ready in case it’s needed.

Some people have successfully used SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) like Tamoxifen or Enclomiphene in place of a test base and they had excellent results, as they were able to raise their testosterone production adequately, thus increasing their estrogen via aromatization. Keep in mind that this is a very experimental protocol and while it’s certainly easier than injecting test, it’s not always as reliable. Still, it’s better than nothing when using mild compounds, but exercise caution and get bloodwork done to make sure everything’s in order.

PS: Don’t make the mistake of using a weak SERM like Raloxifene or sth for this purpose LMAO.

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6. Not Getting Bloodwork Before and After Cycle

There are few things more unwise than to submit your body to anabolic compounds without first ensuring that everything ticks perfectly and the same goes for not checking the state of your health after you’re done.

I won’t say a lot on this cause the reasoning is obvious but ALWAYS get bloodwork done. If your doctor doesn’t wanna prescribe tests for whatever reason, as they often do, refer to my blogpost on how to get bloodwork prescribed.

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7. Starting Your Next Cycle Too Early

Speaking of things that are unwise, here’s one of my favorites.

If you’re impatient you’ll eventually reap what you sowed, so be fucking patient and take as much time off as you need for your health markers to return to baseline before damaging your health further. That sick aesthetic physique can wait and you’ll save yourself a ton of regret.

A common rule-of-the-thumb approach is TIME ON = TIME OFF. While most people should be good with this approach, it has kinda been debunked and now the “wiser” approach to assessing your body’s ability to handle the next happy season is to simply get bloodwork done. If everything’s alright then you can safely start your next cycle.

You’re responsible for your own choices so choose whichever you prefer. I’d personally opt for bloodwork cause I’m not a fan of guesswork and I highly advise you to do the same.

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8. Worrying More About the Short-term Instead of the Long-term Side Effects

Many people tend to worry more about their dick not working or getting acne when their focus should be on the factors that will impact their long-term wellbeing.

That could be heart, liver, lipid related markers and whatnot. Sure, getting a horrendous outbreak of cystic acne on your back after you worked hard to widen it is frustrating, but don’t overlook the shit that could potentially be the difference between living to be 40 and living to be 80+.

This also goes back to the “choosing the correct ancillaries” segment of this post and it’s an opportunity to remind you to NEVER underestimate the importance of precaution and prevention.

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9. Not Managing Your Diet and Sleep

Just because your energy will be higher, it doesn’t mean foregoing your rest and not adhering to a good diet won’t hurt your ability to make gains.

When using a compound that will definitely have a negative impact on your health for the sake of improving on some other aspect, you MUST do everything in your power to get as much as you possibly can out of this timeframe.

So rest as much as you can and make sure your diet is on point, don’t let your determination go to waste because you were too lazy and aloof.

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10. Consuming Alcohol and/or Recreational Drugs

Many people, especially younger guys just say “fuck it” and binge on alcohol or use recreational drugs while on cycle. Do I even need to explain why this is completely retarded? Actually, I won’t. If I need to explain why this is one of the worst things you can do to your health then I might as well let you remove yourself from the gene pool.

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So that’s that. Always remember that with every action there is a reaction and that with every choice there is a consequence. Be wise and do everything in your ability to extend your lifespan and quality of life as much as possible. Don’t become just another gymgoer with a tragic early death.

Thanks for reading and keep mogging.

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